WP1 - Project Management and Secondments Coordination

WP1 ensures that the project is coordinated and managed in an efficient and effective way and that the required quality of the work and results are guaranteed. The management concept complies with all requirements and provides a good controlling mechanism and fast response time to management requests and conflict resolution. Since quality of the work and results are of paramount importance for cooperative projects, this work package is also dedicated to ensuring that proper quality standards are met within the project and included in the management reports to the Commission. Through regular internal and occasional external reviews, the quality of the results is ensured. This includes reviews of important deliverables through external reviewers, and regular self-assessments within the project team.


  • Administrative project management
  • Secondment coordination
  • Quality assurance and risk management

In the context of this WP three progress reports will be produced and all of them will be publicly available to the community and stakeholders.

On going WP