The consortium includes partners from six (6) European countries: Cyprus, Greece, Malta, France, Germany and Poland.





Danaos Shipping is the ships manager of Danaos Corporation, a leading international owner of 60 containerships. Danaos charters containerships to a geographically diverse group of liner companies, including most of the largest ones. Danaos has established its reputation by providing first class operation service to many of the world's major liner companies. Danaos has been engaging in rich research activity participating in several related EU projects through Danaos Research Center (DRC), an active research and development department. Danaos Research center is laureate member of FRANZ EDELMAN academy and winner of the homonymous 2012 award (the highest worldwide distinction in operations Research).


Information Technology for Market Leadership (ITML) is a fast-growing company composed of a hierarchical team of multi-experienced electrical and computer engineers, who have been conducting research at an international level (R&D projects in the area of ICT) in all areas related to telecommunication networks and services, energy efficiency, transportation and security. ITML also has a team of technical project managers and software engineers who are experts in the design and development of management functionality, software and hardware prototypes for: a) Future networks, architectures and services (including the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing), b) Energyaware applications c) Intelligent transportation systems and d) Innovative security systems and applications. ITML provides innovative, tailor-made software solutions to enterprises, in the Web and Mobile domain and solutions cover a very wide range of applications for any customized application pertaining to enterprise needs.


Epsilon Malta Ltd was established in 2005. The Company is the artefact of a series of European Commission RTD projects (and Nationally funded projects). Epsilon Malta Ltd is today an independent SME that holds all IPR and technology patents of all its products and industry solutions. Based also on the knowhow of its establishing shareholders, it provides expertise, services and is engaged into delivery of products/solutions (h/w, s/w, platforms). Expertise is available within the company and allied fully independent organizations of shareholders, as AvionTek GmbH (M. Bonazountas) and EPSILON Int’l SA (D. Kallidromitou).



École National des Ponts et Chaussees (ENPC) aka École des Ponts ParisTech was created in 1747 to train highly-specialized engineers. Among the top 3 leading French engineering grandes ecoles, it is also the leader of executive education via its Business School (Europe, Africa and Asia) and a second subsidiary, Ponts Formation Conseil (technical continuing education especially in France), as well as a wide range of highly-specialized master’s programs. ENPC is part of several leading French academic consortia including ParisTech, Paris-Est, Paris School of Economics, Paris Sciences et Lettres. Domain-specific expertise includes sustainable development, energy transition (alternative & renewable energy), big data, applied math, civil & large-scale engineering, material sciences, public policy, economics, finance, urban transport, design thinking, business and management.



BlueSoft delivers IT bespoke solutions for companies around the globe – impacting millions of people since 2002. From BlueSoft’s HQ in Poland and office locations in the US and the UK, the company cater bespoke solutions to enterprises across multiple industries. BlueSoft engineers at heart who understand your business. Besides bespoke solutions, the company offers cloud enablement, consultancy services, data solutions, system integrations, DevOps and digital transformation, outsourcing, and much more with the team of 800 highly qualified engineers. BlueSoft has mastered over 200 technologies and with system integration as the core competence from an historical perspective, BlueSoft excel at approaching challenges from a holistic point of view. The company values transparency and openness above all else and vendor lock-in is out of the question. BlueSoft works agile with optimal knowledge-transfer, shared responsibility, and ownership top of mind. Together we can solve it.



Established in 1745, the Technische Universität Braunschweig (TUBS) is the oldest technical university in Germany with Carl Friedrich Gauß as one of its early students and lecturers. The Institute of Computer and Network Engineering (IDA) is internationally known as one of the pioneers in embedded system design automation, HW-SW co-design, and real-time analysis and optimization for networked systems. In the past 10 years, there was a major emphasis at IDA on timing analysis and optimization and security for networked embedded systems leading to a spin-off, Symtavision that meanwhile operates worldwide with major automotive OEMs and many suppliers as their customers. IDA also has more than 20 years of experience in the architecture and design of reliable computers and fault tolerant mass memories for space applications. Based on this work, embedded system reliability has become a second research focus. Further collaborative projects in multiprocessor systems-on-chip reliability are concerned with dependable networks-on-chip funded by the German BmBF and with reliable microkernels implemented on unreliable technologies for safety applications funded by the German DFG.



The Harokopio University of Athens (HUA) is a highly prestigious institution in the area of Information and Communication Technologies. The department of Informatics and Telematics of HUA team that will participate in SmartShip is the main driver and contributor to making HUA one of the four Greek Universities that have been continuously publishing work that is highly acknowledged and dispose impact levels that lie beyond or at the world average. The main objective of the HUA group is to conduct research and development in all areas related to telecommunication networks, services and applications. HUA has been participating in various EU funded R&D projects (Productive4.0, EMC2, THELXINOE, JMSE), as well as projects funded by Qatar National Research Fund (i-Doha, EMBIoT) and several national projects.